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Trip Friday 23 February

Andahuaylas to Satipo


Information about the city Andahuaylas

Andahuaylas (Quechua Antawaylla, anta copper, waylla meadow, "copper meadow") is a Peruvian city. It is the capital of the Andahuaylas Province in the Apurímac Region. It is known as the pradera de los celajes (Spanish for "prairie of colored clouds"). Its approximate population of 63 000 inhabitants makes it the first largest city in the region. Andahuyalas is located in the western part of the Apurímac Region. The nearest city is Abancay. Andahuaylas is served by its own airport, the Andahuaylas Airport.

Information about the city Satipo

Satipo District is one of eight districts of the Satipo Province in Peru.

Vídeo de Andahuaylas

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Vídeo de Satipo