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Bus tickets from Arequipa to Camaná are being sold from Tepsa, Oltursa.

The distance between Arequipa to Camaná is (N/A) and you can choose between the services Salón Cama, Semi Cama, Premium 180°; dependent on the bus company you travel with (Tepsa, Oltursa).

Information about the city Arequipa

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Arequipa is the capital and largest city of the Arequipa Region and the seat of the Constitutional Court of Peru. It is Peru's second most populous city with 861,145 inhabitants, as well as its second most populous metropolitan area as of 2016, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI).

Arequipa is the second most industrialized and commercialized city in Peru. Its industrial activity includes manufactured goods and camelid wool products for export. The city has close trade ties with Chile, Bolivia and Brazil.

The city was founded on 15 August 1540, by Garcí Manuel de Carbajal as "Villa Hermosa de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción". During the Colonial period, Arequipa became highly important for its economic prosperity[4] and for its loyalty to the Spanish Crown.

After Peru gained its independence from Spain in 1821, Arequipa acquired greater political significance, and was declared the capital city of Peru from 1835 to 1883. The historic center of Arequipa spans an area of 332 hectares and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its historic heritage, natural scenery and cultural sites make the city a major tourist destination. Its religious, colonial, and republican architectural styles blend European and native characteristics into a unique style called "Escuela Arequipeña".

In Arequipa, tourism is an important boost for the local economy, as the city is the third most visited city in the country after Cusco and Lima. In 2010, Arequipa received a total of 1.395 million visitors according to the Ministry of Commerce and Tourism.

Terrapuerto Internacional Arequipa is a bus terminal located in the district of Jacobo Hunter. There, several bus companies offer land travel routes to regional and national destinations within Peru and to international destinations such as La Paz, Santiago de Chile, Mendoza and Buenos Aires.

Information about the city Camaná

Camaná is the district capital of the homonymous province, located in the department of Arequipa, Peru. According to the 2005 census, it has 13,304 inhabitants.

It lies 180 km from Arequipa, on the Panamerican Highway, which can be traveled in three hours.

It's where the Spanish founded "Villa Hermosa" in 1539, moving into the valley of Arequipa in 1540. The city of Arequipa had his first crib in this rich and extensive valley of Camaná.

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