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Trip Friday 23 February

Bagua Grande to Casa Grande


Information about the city Bagua Grande

Bagua Grande, also known as Corazón de Amazonas (English Heart of Amazonas) is a town in northern Peru, capital of Utcubamba Province, in the region Amazonas. It has an estimated 47,396 inhabitants, having changed from a rural to an urban area after experiencing lots of immigration in the 1960s.
The urban area is located on a hillside by the river Utcubamba, now merged with Cajaruro District, is very warm, fertile and rain for most of the year.
The economy is based on trade and agricultural production, especially of very high quality rice, corn and coffee, trade is active with the cities of Chiclayo, Jaen, and the neighboring department of San Martin. It has minor industries, of hulled and rice mills and bottling carbonated water.


Information about the city Casa Grande

Casa Grande is a town in Northern Peru, capital of the district of Casa Grande of Ascope Province in the region La Libertad. This town is located beside the Pan-American Highway some 48 km north of Trujillo city in the agricultural Chicama Valley.

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