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Trip Friday 23 February

Guadalupe to Huaral


Information about the city Guadalupe

Guadalupe is a city in Northern Peru, capital of the district Guadalupe in the region La Libertad. This town is located some 127 km north Trujillo city and is primarily an agricultural center in the Jequetepeque Valley.

Information about the city Huaral

Huaral is a town in central Peru, capital of the province Huaral in the region Lima.

Huaral is a geographical territory which lies north of the capital of Peru, located 80 km (50 mi) North of Lima, but starting its territory by the coast side at kilometer 58 of the North Panamerican Highway, in the middle of the "Serpentín de Pasamayo".

The territory of the city includes the coastal strip comprising all the Chancay valley to the high peaks of Vichaycocha, the source of the Chackal or Pasacmayo "Moon River".

Huaral, founded in the fourth quarter on March 21, 1551, by the Spanish, under the Real ordenaza, being Viceroy of Peru, Don Antonio de Mendoza Marques de Mondejar, as low natural seat the religious patronage of San Juan Bautista de Guaral, it is a city on the central coast of Peru.

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