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Jaén is a city which is the capital of the Jaén Province in the Cajamarca Region in Peru, located in the high jungle of northern Peru. It is the seat of the Catholic Apostolic Vicariate of St. Francis Xavier, also known as Apostolic Vicariate of Jaén en Peru.

Jaen has a warm climate, all year round. It is one of the warmest cities in Peru, but does have frequent and refreshing showers. Jaén is also known as Land of the Brave Bracamoros. We can see evidence of their culture in Hermogenes Mejía Solf museum located in the same city.

Jaen has a great deal of potential as a tourism destination, owing to the large number of natural and archaeological attractions accessible from the city. However, it has not traditionally been a popular visitor destination, mainly on account of its distance from large population centres, being a five-hour drive from Chiclayo, the erstwhile nearest airport, and 18 hours by bus from Lima.

Those people that have stayed overnight have overwhelmingly been nationals, with only 2% being overseas visitors.

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