Transportes Chiclayo is an intercity bus operator founded in the year 1979 in the city of Chiclayo. The company startet their operations in the route between Lima and Chiclayo and is currently offering bus tickets for different national destinations in Peru such as Piura, Talara, Tumbes, Trujillo, Mancora and San Ignacio. Also, in addition to their intercity service for passengers, Transportes Chiclayo offers delivery services. In the route between Chiclayo and Lima, the company competes directly with EmtrafesaCivaTepsaOltursa y Transportes Linea. The mission of Transportes Chiclayo is to offer a professional service for intercity travel at a economic price level. In Lima, their services leave from the Terminal Plaza Norte. 

Resumen Transportes Chiclayo
Founded 1979
Bus fleet 50
Popular Destinations Lima, Chiclayo, Piura, Talara, Tumbes, Trujillo
Terminal Lima Plaza Norte
Contact +51 972 013 941

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